Current weather conditions

Bloemfontein 4.10°C
Humidity 87% Sunrise 6:57 AM
Wind km/h Sunset 5:26 PM
UV Index 10 Moonrise 1:05 PM
High tide Moonset   1:08 AM
Low tide Moon Phase first_quarter

Weather for the next seven days

    Min Max Wind Rain
Tue   May 26 sunny.png 2°C 24°C 7km/h    W 0%
Wed   May 27 sunny.png 2°C 24°C 7km/h    W 0%
Thu   May 28 sunny.png 2°C 23°C 6km/h    SW 0%
Fri   May 29 sunny.png 2°C 24°C 4km/h    NW 0%
Sat   May 30 sunny.png 2°C 24°C 9km/h    NW 0%
Sun   May 31 sunny.png 3°C 23°C 6km/h    NW 0%
Mon   Jun 01 rain.png 3°C 23°C 35km/h    NE 15%

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